Balwyn Evergreen Centre is a community-based organization committed to active ageing and to providing older residents with high quality programs in a friendly, supportive, social environment. Our vision: promoting independence and well being.





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Home Services Now Available at Balwyn Evergreen

At Balwyn Evergreen, we offer a range of home and community based services designed to support older people, people with a disability and their carers to remain living independently in their own home and to maintain their connections in the community.

Sometimes life circumstances can limit your ability to get out and about in your community, but we can give you a hand to do the things you enjoy, whatever they are.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes having connections and relationships with other people and participating in community life.  Whether it’s to visit the shops or meeting a friend at a cafe, a sense of belonging and shared experiences improves your overall quality of life.

With a little help from us, you can be involved in your community in all kinds of meaningful ways including developing your artistic, cultural, physical and social interests, as well as maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Accompanied Shopping

Shopping can often seem daunting or difficult however we can help by assisting with the process. We can do the shopping separately or accompany you to the shops.

Friendly Social Visiting

Having a home visit from one of our carers to talk or share interests such as music, gardening and world events. In doing so, this will enhance your quality of life by providing social interaction, mental stimulation and emotional support while reducing the sense of isolation from the outside world.

Respite Care

Your carer might be struggling to balance work, family and friends while caring for you. Maybe they need some time to go to an appointment, would like time to visit friends or simply feel like they need some time away.

Having a break from the caring role can help relieve stress and help you both to recharge, which will ultimately benefit both you and your carer.

Respite care can give your carer the time to do activities for themselves while knowing that you are well looked after.

Competitive Rates are offered.

Contact Brenda on 9836 9681 or email Brenda.dennis@balwynevergreen.org.au.

Evergreen Club Wednesday Lunch and Concert

The Wednesday lunch and concert is the perfect opportunity to meet new people while enjoying a delicious 3 course lunch and then a concert with all the classic songs you know and love.

The Evergreen Club is a close-knit group sure to welcome any new people who wish to come.  With the new year, come along and make some new connections here within the Balwyn Evergreen community.

If interested, please contact us on 9836 9681.





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