How to connect Phonak devices

The manual is located here:  Click here

Quick Directions:



Switching Roger inspiro on


To switch on, push the top slider to the left until the green mark appears and the screen is illuminated.


Connecting to devices


How to connect:


  • Turn Roger inspiro on.


  • Ensure all devices are on (please check wall sockets and devices. Switches for the DigiMaster 7000 wall speaker and microphones are located on the underside while the WallPilot is located on top exactly like the Inspiro)


  • Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of the any devices you want to connect to such as the Speaker or the DynaMic microphone.


  • Ear-level Roger receivers must be attached to their respective hearing aids and these hearing aids turned on. Body-worn Roger devices must be switched on.


  • If the screen on the Inspiro has turned off, it is due to a battery saving timer. Press any key to turn the screen back on.


  • Press the Roger inspiro’s right Connect softkey (Connect will be displayed on the screen in the bottom right hand corner).There will be a confirmation message on the screen saying if you have connected successfully (DigiMaster 7000 for the wall speaker and DynaMic for the microphone).


  • If there is an issue where no devices are found, please hold the Inspiro closer to the device you’re trying to connect to.


  • The device is now connected with Roger inspiro and the Talker can talk into the Roger inspiro microphone. Repeat these steps to connect any additional devices.


  • The Dynamic cordless microphone will not activate if the Inspiro microphone is in use. Please set it aside to allow the DynaMic to activate.  Multiple microphones can be used at once.




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