Client Contribution Policy


Policy 13:

Client Contribution

Consumer/Client Outcome/Staff Outcome


Consumers will have confidence that the service users contribute towards the service costs while protecting those who are more financially vulnerable. Contributions only apply to CHSP clients.


Balwyn Evergreen Centre will ensure that it is accountable to all stakeholders by:

·         Moving towards fairness and consistency in Client contributions

·         Ensuring that clients who can, contribute towards the costs of their activities.

·         Clients who cannot afford to contribute will not be disadvantaged.


We undertake to:

  • To practice fairness and consistency in client contributions.
  • Transparency: Inform the client before commencement of service of the contribution amount.
  • Hardship; arrangements will be made for those clients unable to pay the requested contribution.
  • Reporting: Grant agreement obligations require BEC to report the dollar amount collected from client contributions annually .
  • Sustainability; Revenue from client contribution will be used to support ongoing service delivery.
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