Health and fitness programs for active ageing.

Exercise is an integral part of the programs at Balwyn Evergreen. Each class has a different feel, our instructors support and encourage each participant to achieve and satisfy their needs and goals. Our ability to provide classes where people of all abilities feel comfortable exercising together is unique.

After each class we encourage all to stay and enjoy refreshments together in a social and friendly environment.



It is recommended that your GP complete a Medical Clearance Form before commencement or as soon as possible after.  Please click on the following flyer:  Exercise Sessions for Clients.pdf

Enquires: contact Leonie Legge or Brenda Dennis on 9836 9681

DividerLineHong Kong Club Tai Chi Group Inc.

The Hong Kong Club Tai Chi Group has more than 10 classes of different styles of Taijiquan (Tai Chi).

In addition to normal classes, workshops and social functions, gradings are organised during the year.   All members of the public are welcome to apply to join our group.

Session Times: 8:30 am to 12 noon, every Saturday except long weekends generally.  There are two terms per year starting early February and mid-July

Contact: Sam Au:     0418-101-937   E-mail: hongkongclubtaichigroup@gmail.com

Website:        hongkongclubtaichigroup@blogspot.com.au


Tai Chi for Health

Gentle Tai Chi exercises to strengthen muscle, loosening up joints and improve balance.

Focus & Flow program for healthy mind & body with music.

Session Times- Friday 9:00-10:00am

Contact: Connie Wong   Tel: 0401688370
Email: bioleung@hotmail.com


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